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what to expect in your pet photography session

Hey there, pet parents!

Let’s face it – getting that ideal photo of your four-legged pal can sometimes feel like chasing your tail. Whether it’s the struggle to get them to strike the perfect pose, their camera shyness, or simply wanting to capture their authentic personality, we understand the challenges you face. But fear not! We’re excited to welcome you to our pet photography studio, where we’ve cracked the code on capturing those special moments in a laid-back and enjoyable setting. Say goodbye to the photo woes and hello to creating cherished memories together! πŸ“ΈπŸΎ

pet photography cairns

First, lets just relax!

We’ll start by getting your furry friends nice and comfy. Let them sniff around, have a play, and snuggle up if they’re into it. Some pups take a little while to get used to the camera clicks, but no worries, we’ll make sure they’re happy throughout. We’ve factored in some extra time for each session, so there’s no rush. This way, every dog can relax and become familiar with their surroundings before we start capturing those star moments.

We’ll get some candid shots of them doing their thing, maybe throw in a few tricks for variety. And hey, we’ll ask you to give them cuddles too, so be ready for some fun, fur-family photos!

pet photography cairns

What to bring

Consider what gets your dog’s tail wagging the most. Treats are a must (seriously, pack more than you think you’ll need!). If toys are their jam, toss a couple of favourites in the bag.

A regular collar and leash will do just fine. Opt for a thinner leash if possible (we can usually photoshop it out). And if you’re up for it, bring along any cute accessories you think would jazz up the photos.

Don’t forget the basics: water, poop bags, and a brush if your pup’s a bit of a shedder.

pet photography cairns

Prep your pup

Before you head to our studio, make sure your furry friend has taken care of business. We want them feeling their best and ready to shine in front of the camera, so a quick bathroom break beforehand is key. Plus, it helps prevent any unexpected interruptions during the session! So, let’s start off on the right paw and ensure your pup is all set before we dive into the fun.


pet photography cairns

Run or not to run!

You know your dog’s energy levels best! For the energetic ones, a little pre-shoot exercise can help them focus. For the loungers, let them rest up so they’re ready to play during the shoot.

pet photography cairns

What to wear

Keep it simple! Avoid busy patterns or logos that might distract from your pup’s star moment. Black, white, neutrals or similar tones are all safe bets, but try to not mix black and white, as the lighter tones fade into the background!

pet photography cairns

Relax and enjoy some pawfect time together!

Don’t stress about perfect poses. We love capturing personality, quirks and all! It might take a bit of time and patience, but we’ll get those perfect shots together. Just come with a positive vibe and leave the rest to us.

Can’t wait to see you and your furry friend in action! Let’s make some paw-some memories together! 🐾