With more and more dog owners needing to juggle work and other commitments, dog daycare Cairns has become increasingly popular. Dog daycare provides supervised care for dogs during the day, allowing owners to focus on their responsibilities knowing their furry friends are in good hands. At a daycare, dogs can socialise with other pups and enjoy exercise and mental stimulation through play and activities.

Let’s explore the many benefits of dog daycare Cairns, what to look for when choosing one, the types of activities offered, and factors to consider when deciding on the right fit. We’ll also highlight some of the top rated dog daycares in the Cairns area. Whether you’re a new pet owner or a seasoned one, this guide will give you the key information you need to find a daycare where your dog can play, learn and thrive while you’re away.


Benefits of Dog Daycare Cairns

Sending your dog to daycare offers many benefits for their health and happiness. Here are some of the top reasons to consider doggy daycare:

Socialisation – Dogs are pack animals who crave interaction with other canines. At daycare, your dog will get to play with other dogs under supervision, satisfying their social needs. Through group playtime, your dog will learn important skills like doggie manners, reading body language, and taking turns. Socialisation helps build confidence and prevents problem behaviours stemming from isolation.

Exercise & Mental Stimulation – Letting your dog romp around and play all day provides physical and mental exercise. The activities and games at daycare will tire your pup out so they get their ya-yas out. An exercised and mentally stimulated dog is a happy, calm dog at home. Daycare provides the physical activity your dog needs if you work long hours and can’t walk or play with them as much.

Alternative to Being Home Alone All Day – Instead of being bored and restless home alone, doggy daycare gives your furry friend somewhere to go and keeps them active. Dogs shouldn’t be left alone for 10+ hours regularly. Spending the day at daycare prevents separation anxiety and destructive behaviors like chewing, barking, or going potty indoors from boredom and stress. Your dog will have a blast playing while you’re at work.


What to Look for in a Dog Daycare Cairns

When searching for a dog daycare in Cairns, there are several important factors to consider to ensure your furry friend receives quality care and has fun while you’re away. An ideal daycare requires vaccinations, provides supervised playtime, has staff experienced in caring for dogs, and offers adequate indoor and outdoor space.

Require Vaccinations

Reputable facilities require dogs to be current on all vaccinations before participating in group play. This helps keep the environment healthy and reduce the spread of contagious diseases like kennel cough or parvo. Ask the daycare for specifics on their vaccine requirements.

Supervised Play

Look for daycares that actively supervise dogs during playtime, both indoors and outdoors. Well-trained staff should monitor all dog interactions, prevent bullying, and intervene if any conflicts arise. The play environment should be safe and comfortable for all temperaments.

Experience Caring for Dogs

Choose a daycare where handlers have real experience working with dogs, such as former vet techs, groomers, trainers, or shelter employees. They’ll know how to properly interact with each dog and pick up on any signs of fear, anxiety, or aggression. Experienced staff are essential for a smooth daycare operation.

Adequate Indoor & Outdoor Space

The daycare should offer both indoor and outdoor play spaces to accommodate dogs. Indoors should allow for free play as well as designated rest areas. Outdoors is great for dogs to run, play fetch, go on walks, or swim. There should be enough space to avoid overcrowding. The facilities should be clean, well-maintained, and secure.


Types of Activities at Dog Daycare Cairns

A good dog daycare will provide a variety of activities to keep your pup engaged and having fun all day long. Here are some of the types of activities to look for:

Group Play

Dogs are social animals and most love playing with other dogs. Group play allows pups to burn energy, learn social skills, and have fun with new friends. Look for daycares that provide supervised group playtimes for dogs to play together safely.

One-on-One Play

In addition to group play, many daycares also provide one-on-one play and attention from staff. This gives shy or elderly dogs personalized care and playtime. Staff can focus on engaging each dog with toys, training, or affection.

Rest Time

Just like kids in school, dogs need nap and quiet time too. Reputable daycares will provide a quiet area where dogs can relax and recharge. This prevents overstimulation and exhaustion.

Outdoor Time

Being outside provides mental stimulation and allows dogs to explore smells and surroundings. Daycares should have a safe, fenced outdoor area for dogs to play and potty on a schedule throughout the day.


Most daycares will feed your dog during the day so you don’t have to worry about it. Look for nutritious food options or the ability to provide your own food. Feeding schedules should be maintained.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dog Daycare Cairns

When looking for the right dog daycare facility in Cairns for your furry friend, there are several important factors to take into account:

Personality and Age of Your Dog

Consider your dog’s personality and age when deciding if daycare is a good option. Puppies and high-energy dogs tend to do best at daycare, as they thrive on play and socialization. Older dogs or those with more timid personalities may find the environment overstimulating. Look for daycares that group dogs by age, size, and temperament.

Group Size

Pay attention to the ratio of dogs to handlers, as a smaller group size allows for more individual attention. A good benchmark is groups of 10-15 dogs per handler. Larger play groups can lead to issues like bullying. Make sure the facility divides dogs up appropriately.


Dog daycare prices in Cairns can range from $20-50 per day depending on the services offered. Consider the number of days per week you plan to utilize daycare along with any discounts for multi-day packages. Some facilities also offer hourly rates for half day sessions.

Location and Hours

Look for a daycare located near your home or workplace that offers hours convenient to your schedule. Most open early in the morning and close in the evening for owner pickups. Extended hours and weekend care may also be available at certain locations. Proximity and flexible drop off/pickup times are key.

Doing your homework on these factors will help you find the ideal Cairns daycare that caters to both you and your dog’s needs. The perfect fit will make for a fun and rewarding daycare experience.

Top 4 Dog Daycare Cairns

Cairns offers some excellent options when it comes to dog daycare facilities. Here are four of the top picks in the area:

1. Pupstars Daycare & Grooming

Located both in the heart of Cairns and at Trinity Beach, Pupstars Daycare and Grooming provides top-notch care and services for your furry friend. Their facilities are clean, spacious, and filled with activities to keep your dog active and engaged throughout the day.

Pupstars offers daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and retail services. Their daycare program includes playtime, walks, cuddle time, and nap time to give your dog a fun and stimulating day while you’re at work or away. Overnight boarding and grooming services are also available to pamper your pooch.

The facility has large indoor and outdoor play areas where dogs can run, play, and socialize in a safe environment. There are wading pools, tunnels, and toys to keep them busy. The daycare area is climate controlled to keep pups comfortable in any weather.

Private suites are available for overnight boarding so your dog can relax in a homey environment. Grooming services range from bathing and brushing to full haircuts and styling. Their groomers are skilled in working with dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

Pupstars is owned and operated by Cairns local Jane Smith who has over 10 years of experience working with dogs. She and her team of staff are dedicated to caring for your dog like one of their own. Many happy customers rave about the caring staff and fun environment. As Sarah W. said in a review, “I never worry about my labrador Luna when I drop her off at Pupstars because I know she’s getting the best care and will have a blast all day playing with the other pups!”

2. Poochies Parlour

Poochies Parlour is a top-rated dog daycare located in the heart of Cairns. With over 10 years of experience caring for dogs, Poochies Parlour has become a go-to place for local pet parents looking for a safe, fun and stimulating environment for their furry friends.

Location & Contact: Poochies Parlour is conveniently located at 134 Aumuller St, Cairns City QLD 4870. They can be reached by phone at (07) 4031 2345 or emailed at info@poochiesparlour.com.au.

Services Offered: Poochies Parlour provides full-day daycare, half-day daycare, and boarding services. Their experienced staff supervise dogs in age- and size-appropriate playgroups so each dog can enjoy playtime with new friends. One-on-one playtimes, walks, training reinforcement and enrichment activities are also offered. Additional services include bathing, nail trims and blueberry facials.

Facility Details: The facility has a state-of-the-art indoor play area with soft rubber flooring, obstacles, tunnels and toys. Outdoor play areas are fully fenced and feature shady trees, kiddie pools and agility equipment. Overnight boarding dogs relax in individual suites with cozy beds. The facility is cleaned and sanitized daily to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.

Testimonials: Poochies Parlour has over 100 5-star reviews from happy pet parents:

“We absolutely love Poochies Parlour! Our lab comes home tired and happy after a full day of play. The staff are so caring and attentive with all the dogs. Highly recommend!” – Jane S.

“I board my elderly dog here when I go away because I know she’ll be safe and loved. The staff go above and beyond.” – David T.

“My high-energy Jack Russell loves her days at Poochies! She gets lots of physical and mental stimulation so there’s no destructive behavior at home. It’s her favorite place!” – Emma P.

With experienced staff, excellent facilities and happy dogs, it’s easy to see why Poochies Parlour is a top choice for dog daycare in Cairns!

3. My Pet Hub Redlynch

My Pet Hub Redlynch is conveniently located in Redlynch, just 10 minutes from Cairns CBD. You can contact them at (07) 4051 6666 or visit their website at www.mypethub.com.au for more information.

My Pet Hub offers a wide range of services including daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and veterinary care all under one roof. Their daycare facility has large indoor and outdoor play areas where dogs can play and socialize in a safe, supervised environment.

The facility is modern, clean, and designed specifically for dogs. All play areas are fully fenced and secure. There are shaded areas and quiet zones for dogs who need a break. The outdoor area has an agility course, wading pools, and spray coolers for hot days. Inside there is a movie room, treat hunt games, and cuddle zones.

My Pet Hub only takes small groups of dogs in daycare at a time to ensure adequate supervision and interaction. All dogs are carefully screened and must be vaccinated, desexed, and pass a temperament test. The staff are qualified, experienced, and genuinely love working with dogs.

Many happy customers rave about the quality of care and service at My Pet Hub Redlynch. Here are a few testimonials:

“The staff here are so caring and attentive with our boisterous puppy. You can tell they really love what they do.”

“Our anxious dog has come out of her shell thanks to the patient training and socialization at My Pet Hub. We are very impressed.”

“I have complete peace of mind knowing my dog is in good hands when we board her at My Pet Hub. The facilities are exceptional.”

4. K9 Fitness Centre

K9 Fitness Centre is located at 8/12-14 Evans Rd, Bungalow QLD 4870 and can be reached at 07 4032 2117. This premium dog daycare facility offers a wide range of services including daycare, boarding, training, and socialisation.

The facility spans over 8000 sqft and is equipped with indoor and outdoor play areas. The indoor area has rubberised flooring, A/C, and live webcams so owners can check in on their dogs. The outdoor area is fully fenced and has pools, agility equipment, and shaded rest areas.

K9 Fitness Centre emphasises positive reinforcement training and has highly experienced staff certified in dog behaviour and training. All dogs are carefully screened and grouped based on temperament. In addition to playtime, dogs enjoy walks, training sessions, and cuddle time with staff.

Here’s what a few happy customers have said about K9 Fitness Centre:

“We absolutely love K9 Fitness Centre! The staff are so caring and our dog gets so excited when we drop her off. The live cam feature gives us peace of mind that she’s having fun. We’ve noticed a real improvement in her behaviour and social skills since going here.” – Jane S.

“This is by far the best doggy daycare in Cairns. The facility is spotless and they pay close attention to each dog. I’m very impressed with the training my pup has received here. I highly recommend K9 Fitness Centre!” – David T.

“I was hesitant to send my shy dog to daycare but the staff put me at ease. They were patient and helped her come out of her shell. She now has a blast playing with the other dogs. I can tell she’s worn out but happy at the end of each day.” – Emma D.


Choosing the right dog daycare Cairns is an important decision for any pet owner. By leaving your dog in a daycare, you’re entrusting the care and wellbeing of your furry family member to someone else. It’s crucial that you do your research to find a daycare that meets your dog’s individual needs and provides a fun, stimulating environment.

In this article, we covered the main benefits of dog daycare, like socialisation, exercise, and reducing separation anxiety. We looked at the types of activities a good daycare should offer, from playtime and walks to obedience training and enrichment. When touring facilities, pay attention to things like cleanliness, staff training, safety protocols, webcam access and the overall vibe. Focus on finding a daycare aligned with your priorities, whether that’s affordable rates, a small play group setting or specialty services.

The daycares highlighted each offer unique strengths, from Pupstars’ grooming services to My Pet Hub’s large indoor and outdoor play spaces. Take your time to visit multiple facilities in person and get a feel for the environment. Trust your instincts on whether it seems like a good fit for your pet. With the right daycare, you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is in caring hands and getting to do all their favourite activities while you’re away.

For more guidance in your search, additional resources are available from reputable organisations like the ASPCA and pet experts. Don’t hesitate to ask daycares lots of questions and request references from other clients. Finding the perfect daycare takes effort, but it’s well worth it for your dog’s health and happiness.

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