About us

Thanks so much for visiting us!

We are Benn and Jules and we run By Heart Photography.  Formerly called Blue Sky Photography, we’ve had the absolute honour to have photographed 1000’s of families, couples and pets for the past 15 years.

We believe that the very best photos are created from from great times spent with those you love the most. To be able to look back on those photographs and remember that time in your lives is truly powerful.

Capturing this connection is what we do.

Our goal is to give you not just beautiful photographs, but stunning artwork that takes you back to that time and place, many years from now.


Benn is our main photographer and over the past 15 years as a Professional Photographer has featured in wedding publications and blogs, and won an AIPP Silver award for his Portrait photography. 

But way more importantly, he’s an absolute professional and genuinely nice guy.

Kids love him (we joke and say it’s because he’s only a little bit taller than them!), but in all seriousness, most kids are pretty good at figuring out who adults are and they just know that Benn is a kind, genuine guy, who chats to them at their level and who will happily climb trees, build sandcastles, or take a step back and just let everyone be themselves and enjoy the moment.

He’s also got a brilliant sense of humour and has that easy manner that puts even the most nervous at ease.  


I’m here to help look after you and make sure you all have the best photography experience you’ve ever had. 

We’ll chat on the phone and I’ll be the one who follows up with questions, replies, and helps design and create your order. 

Like many of us up here, we love the outdoors and our north Qld lifestyle.  

We love going out on the trails; Jules on Duke, her horse, and Benn with mountain bikes.

Both of us love camping and one of our favourite thing to do is to head off grid with our dog Murphy, set up camp, build a fire and let the hecticness of everyday life just fade away.

We love the beach, heading to Fitzroy Island for snorkelling, going diving, and all things ocean. We’re passionate about doing what we can to protect our environment and helping out in our local community.  And Jules must stop and pat every single dog she sees in life. 

Wait!  Weren’t you Blue Sky Photography?

Yep! And we decided this year to completely rebrand and name change to start completely fresh with this brand new website!

We’ve opened a brand new studio, and are committed to providing an all inclusive service. Everything from planning your session right through to the collection of your beautiful, finished artwork.

See more about your By Heart Experience.